Wisdom Forest Wonders

In the darkness of night, I arrived to the mystic land called Wisdom Forest with two of my dear friends. We had left the city life in Quito for a long weekend, ready to commune with nature and experience a permaculture yoga farm. In the morning, I rose before the first light ready for meditiation, mantras and bhakti yoga. As we practiced together, the positive vibrations were palpable. The waking rainforest was a symphony of sounds that kept the rhythm to our yoga flow. We ended surrounded by nature with open hearts and open minds- the feeling was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Once our bodies were flexed and our bellies were full, we were ready for our volunteer work! Our first task was planting trees for the Wisdom Forest Project. My oh my, I have never felt so useful! As a community we dug holes, shared stories and planted trees that will feed future volunteers of Wisdom Forest. The next adventure was volunteering at the local school. There we connected with the children of Tena. Their infinite joy and love for life was refreshing.

Wisdom Forest is a holistic environment where locals, travelers, and nature live in harmony together as one. We cook, sing and clean together for our meals while sharing our stories skills and love with one another. The unified community allowed me to embrace the beauty of the infinitly present NOW. I learned, I shared, and I experienced the unknown. It was a short time with Wisdom Forest and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the project! I hope to return.

Gracias por la hermosa experiencia

Jaclyn Rey of the United States