Saving the rainforest!

We would like to inform all our supporters that after months of collecting seeds, waiting for them to germinate and reach an adequate size to be transplanted we have already started reforesting! Our first members of the project, from the local community, signed up and have started planting their 108 trees alongside with our volunteers from all over the world.


During the last weeks, we received different members of the local communities that were informed by the reforesting project and got motivated to sign up and be part of it. We first had the support of Mélida Tapuy, from the Tamia Yura community. Then, signed up doña Dolores from Shandia community. And the last one to support us was don Jorge Andi Aginda, that came along with his wife and son to help creating the change as a family!

We prepared for you some videos so you can have an idea of who are those persons that want to see the change happens in their life and around their community…as well as all the volunteers that helped us during the work.

For those who wants to keep helping us with this wonderful project, you can have a look at our gofundme page!