Getting Here

Wisdom Forest, Eco Reserva Saraswati Ahimsa Vana, Km 12.9 Via Talag, Tena, Napo, Ecuador

From Quito
Take a direct bus to Tena from the Southern bus station. It´s a $8 fare and 4 to 5 hour trip.

From Guayaquil
Take a direct bus to Tena. It’s a $12 bus fare and 10 hour trip.

From Baños
Take a direct bus to TENA. It’s a $5 fare and a 3 -4 hour trip.

From Otavalo
If you wish to save a few hours of travelling time (getting in and out of Quito) you can get a bus going to Latacunga and get dropped off at ‘El Redondel de Papallacta cerca de Pifo (the Papallacta roundabout near the town of Pifo). From here you can pick up another bus going to Tena. (This option is not recommended at night)

From the Airport
You can save a few hours of travelling time (getting in and out of Quito) by getting a taxi straight to the ‘Redondel de Papallacta cerca de Pifo’ (This option is not recommended at night).

When you get to Tena
To get to the reserve you take another bus towards TALAG for 60 cents. These smaller buses are currently leaving two blocks away from the main bus station (ask a local for directions to the bus station for buses towards Talag and they will be happy to help you), it Spanish the bus stop is called ‘La parada de la Centinela’.

Ask the bus driver to drop you at ‘El Mono’ (translation: The Monkey). They usually know where this is – it is after the small town of Pano and 1km before the town of Talag. You will be dropped by a statue of Hanuman with a large sign on your right side. Follow the path and you will be received by the members of the Wisdom Forest team!

Any information that you need, you can call us to:
Yoga Lodge: (06) – 3019172
Volunteers’ house: (06) – 3019135
Cellphone: +593 98 368 8467

Bus schedule: Tena to Talag (or Serena, via Talag)

5:55, 6:40, 7:25, 8:10, 8:55, 9:40, 10:25, 11:10, 11:55, 12:40 am
1:25, 2:10, 2:55, 3:40, 4:25, 5:10, 5:55, 6:40 pm