Learn how to look after your mind, body and spirit by participating in our daily yoga classes, which are suitable for all levels of experience.
*classes are held three times a week.

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Mantra Meditation
During your stay, you have the option to join daily meditation at sunrise, where the sweet melodies of instruments and voices help create a meditative state-of-mind

Bhakti Yoga
Listen to the ancient Vedic teachings and learn how to live yoga off the mat!

Vegetarian Cuisine
As a community we enjoy three healthy vegetarian meals every day. If you are a less experienced cook, this is a great chance for you to learn how to prepare delicious vegetarian and vegan food.

Chocolate Making*
We host a workshop where we teach you how to make organic chocolate using raw cocoa beans, harvested from our garden!
*complete workshop depending of the harvesting season

Project with the Local Community
We create conscious art and educational programs for children at local schools, teaching them about environmental issues, recycling, languages and much more.
Learn more here.

Tropical Permaculture
Participate in planting and harvesting our fruits and vegetables from our tropical garden.

Learn about the great diversity of amazon plants and trees and help reforest in and around the community. We are forming the largest food forest in the world!
Learn more here.

Learn how we make compost to create rich soil for our garden.

Green Building
We have various building projects where we use local materials and innovative eco-friendly designs.

On Saturday volunteers head out on excursions off the beaten track. There are some unforgettable places nearby, including beautiful crystal clear rivers to swim in within walking distance, waterfalls you can hike up, stunning blue bathing pools, and towns with monkeys roaming the streets.