Donation List

Here we would like to express our deepest thanks to everyone who has supported the project so far.

Our project is a non-profit organisation but unfortunately the world moves around money and without your help we wouldn’t have been able to start or continue the work that we’re doing.

To everyone who has contributed, we are forever grateful!


Jacob Narkiewicz


DATE: September 2016
USE: As well as helping us out with all his heart for almost a year, Jake donated $500 towards our project, which we used to buy wheelbarrows, tools and rebuilding the sweat lodge!

Fernando Doylet

Fernando Doylet

DATE: January 2016
DONATION: $1000.
USE: A big thank you to Fernando Doylet for his donation of $1000 dollars for the building of an incredible eco cabin!

Brendan Roberts

brendan roberts

DATE: December 2015
DONATION: $70 and 10 Yoga Mats.
USE: A big thanks to Brendan who donated $70 towards the yoga shala platform as well as 10 yoga Mats!

Prema Vilas

prema vilas

DATE: August 2015
USE: Thank you Prema Vilas Das from Germany for the Mrdanga drum! An important instrument for our Mantra meditation programs!

Susan Ahn

Susan Ahn

DATE: February 2015
USE: Thank you Susan Ahn for her $200 donation which we used to buy a huge stainless steel pot for the kitchen!

Ken and Shannon Down

Ken and Shannon Down

DATE: December 2014
USE: Inspired by Jake, his parents donated $500 dollars which we used towards the building of the greenhouse that is still producing vegetables today!

Tommy Aspen

Tommy aspen

DATE: January 2014
DONATION: $112 and Cabin
USE: A big thanks to Tommy who donated a whole cabin to the farm! His cabin has been used by many long term volunteers as a beautiful home!

Eckerd College

eckard college

DATE: 2012
USE: A big thankyou to the group from Eckerd College for their donation of $500 towards the workshop, as well as helping us build it!

Nicolai Remo

Nicolas Remo

DATE: July 2012
USE: We would like to thank Nicolaj for donating his bike after he realized that biking up and down Ecuador´s beautiful mountains was not as easy as he thought!

Kevin Horn

kevin horn

DATE: December 2010
USE: We have opened the new account to legalize the foundation with this kind donation from Kevin.  Kevin helped us out so much on the farm and in the English School for four months.  Thanks again Kevin.

Juan Vargas

DATE: 2009-2010
DONATION: Heaps of decomposed coffee husks for composting
USE: We would like to publically thank Juan Vargas and his family from Tena for letting us take as much decomposed coffee husk soil as we like, this has saved us an enormous amount of time composting and is really giving a kick start to the permaculture garden.

Pauline and Jagdish Tanday

DATE: October 2009
AMOUNT: $4,000
USE: With this kind donation we were able to buy all the floor and bathroom tiles for the main building, buy the showerheads, bathtubs, sinks, washbasins, pay the builders and finish off the dry toilets which will be one of the main compost producers for years to come.  We would still be living amongst the dirt, cement and breeze blocks if it wasn’t for you, thanks again.

Joyce Oakley and Daughter

DATE: May 2009
AMOUNT: $8,000
USE: This donation came from Joyce´s will and the generosity of her daughter, we would have loved to have seen Joyce again back in the UK but she passed away shortly before we could visit. Thanks to her and her daughters kind generosity we managed to build the foundations and the bamboo roof of the main building where the volunteers currently live.

Douglas and Caroline

AMOUNT: $15,000
USE: With this long term loan we managed to buy the first 26 hectares

Doug has since been out to visit several times and is always there to give a helping hand and wise advice. Really all this wouldn’t exist without his generosity.