When can I start?

You can come as soon as you like, we are always prepared to receive new volunteers, just read all the information on the volunteering program beforehand and fill out the online form.

Can I extend or shorten my stay?

Yes, we are flexible on arrival and departure dates.
We prefer volunteers that can stay for at least a week but if you only have a couple of days left you can also come.

Where do my donations go?

Donations help cover the costs of food, maintenance, workers, infrastructure and building materials. We generally have more expenses than income so your donations are welcome. We have detailed accounts of all income and expenses available for everyone to see.

When is the best time of year?

Our project runs all year round so it is completely up to you!

How do I get there?

Please see ‘Getting here’ from main menu.

Is there internet or wifi?

No, there is no internet connection on the farm which results in a lot more time for playing instruments, having great conversations, creating some great recipes and doing some exercise! The nearest internet café is a 10 minute bus ride away.

Can I do my laundry?

You will find a laundry area where you can wash and dry your clothes. We do not have a washing machine, but it can be done in the local ‘Lavenderias’ in Tena.

Do we speak English or Spanish?

Most of the team are bilingual so it’s up to you. English and Spanish are always spoken. We generally have a broad mix of speakers of different languages at the reserve.

Can we cater for Vegans or Gluten Free diets?

We often have vegan volunteers and there are always vegan options at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gluten free is also an option for those that have allergies.

How many volunteers and/or staff are there?

This is difficult to say, long term staff volunteers vary between 2-10, and short term volunteers can be from 1 to 15, therefore it is difficult to say so.

Can I bring my pet?

Although we love animals our volunteer house is not apt for pets. If you want to volunteer with pets we recommend our sister farm, Vrindavan Jardines Ecológicos.

Is the journey there dangerous?

Although there have been very few tales of anybody getting robbed on the way to the farm a couple of people have been robbed on the Quito-Tena bus. Do not leave your bags under the seat, they can be opened from behind, keep valuables on your lap or in the luggage compartments below.