Certificate of excellence

Thanks to everyone’s support, our team is proud to show this certificate of excellence that we received for the year 2018!


We hope to see you all soon in our beautiful ecological reserve, as a volunteer or a guest, to enjoy the nature and participate to our activities like Yoga, healing Sweat lodge, chocolate making, explanation of the diferent pmedicinal plants from the amazon, eco building and permaculture speeches, meditation with sacred sounds, visits into the jungle, reforestation of the rainforest, and much more…


May the forest be with you!

Social work with Santa Rosa’s school

From years behind, our Wisdom Forest team goes every week to the local school Kichwa of Santa Rosa. Together with the volunteers of the whole world, we realize educational projects with the children of the school.


Our aim: to create a link between the Kichwa community and the volunteers of the world, teaching to the children values of ecology, consiousness and cultural exchange, unfusing arouses of the care towards the environment and showing sustainable ways of living.


We realize workshops of conscious art, mandala therapy, ecology, recycling, music, yoga, and much more.

If you also want to take part and to join this project, contact us to or become volunteer to work together with our Wisdom Forest’s team, and with all the children of the community! Because love, does not have limit !

Saving the rainforest!

We would like to inform all our supporters that after months of collecting seeds, waiting for them to germinate and reach an adequate size to be transplanted we have already started reforesting! Our first members of the project, from the local community, signed up and have started planting their 108 trees alongside with our volunteers from all over the world.


During the last weeks, we received different members of the local communities that were informed by the reforesting project and got motivated to sign up and be part of it. We first had the support of Mélida Tapuy, from the Tamia Yura community. Then, signed up doña Dolores from Shandia community. And the last one to support us was don Jorge Andi Aginda, that came along with his wife and son to help creating the change as a family!

We prepared for you some videos so you can have an idea of who are those persons that want to see the change happens in their life and around their community…as well as all the volunteers that helped us during the work.

For those who wants to keep helping us with this wonderful project, you can have a look at our gofundme page!

Life in the forest…

I have only been at wisdom forest for one week but I have learnt so much already! Every day starts with meditation and a yoga class looking out over the beautiful jungle. Then we work for a few hours, for example one day I spent the morning harvesting cacao beans from the trees. We used machetes to cut them down from the trees, you know when they’re ripe when they turn yellowish (the fruits are such pretty colours!) Bandu the dog really enjoyed the game of collecting the pods and running away with them… Then we got the seeds out to ferment them for chocolate. They taste really sweet, like sherbert. After that you put the seeds in a bag and leave them to ferment in the sun. It was really interesting to see the whole process. On another day I made lunch for everyone with all the fresh ingredients we grow here like lemongrass, chillis, ginger etc. Then after lunch I go to a workshop, this week I learned how to make bread, using the fruits from the garden called chuntas. I also went to another workshop where we learned about all the different medicinal plants that we have on the farm which was really interesting. I have also used the pool everyday, it is so beautiful down there! You can take a book and sit in the pool and look out over a meadow full of butterflies and dragonflies. Then in the evening we all have a meal together and sing. It’s really good practice for learning Spanish here as there’s loads of people to talk to.

Wisdom Forest Wonders

In the darkness of night, I arrived to the mystic land called Wisdom Forest with two of my dear friends. We had left the city life in Quito for a long weekend, ready to commune with nature and experience a permaculture yoga farm. In the morning, I rose before the first light ready for meditiation, mantras and bhakti yoga. As we practiced together, the positive vibrations were palpable. The waking rainforest was a symphony of sounds that kept the rhythm to our yoga flow. We ended surrounded by nature with open hearts and open minds- the feeling was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Once our bodies were flexed and our bellies were full, we were ready for our volunteer work! Our first task was planting trees for the Wisdom Forest Project. My oh my, I have never felt so useful! As a community we dug holes, shared stories and planted trees that will feed future volunteers of Wisdom Forest. The next adventure was volunteering at the local school. There we connected with the children of Tena. Their infinite joy and love for life was refreshing.

Wisdom Forest is a holistic environment where locals, travelers, and nature live in harmony together as one. We cook, sing and clean together for our meals while sharing our stories skills and love with one another. The unified community allowed me to embrace the beauty of the infinitly present NOW. I learned, I shared, and I experienced the unknown. It was a short time with Wisdom Forest and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the project! I hope to return.

Gracias por la hermosa experiencia

Jaclyn Rey of the United States

First Yoga Retreat in Wisdom Forest

Our first yoga retreat with Ecuadorian guests organized together with Stefan from Aguadulce. 3 Great days of morning yoga workshops, delicious vegetarian meals and a great sweat lodge! Thank you all for your visit, we hope to see you again soon!

We were featured on Permagora!

Thank you Eric and family for this beautiful piece on Wisdomforest!

I can’t express what a relief it was for me to walk down the winding gravel path into Wisdom forest, lined with colorful tropical plants. The smells were earthy and clean, a great contrast to the pungent smells of fumes, garbage and dirty water that haunt the cities. As much as cities fascinate me, I am much more comfortable and at home in nature, and the Amazonian jungle is spectacular in its beauty…

Head on over to Permagora to read the full article!

The Plant Nursery

Over the last month we have planted over 5000 seeds to prepare for our ambitious project, the largest fruit forest on the planet! Mostly native fruits of all shapes and sizes, they will provide food for generations to come! Thanks Guillermo and Limber and everybody else who helped for filling all those bags!

Working with the local schools!

We continue to visit the local school of Talag every Thursday.Recently they have been learning how to recycle plastic bottles, creating beautiful drawings and have come to help plant seedlings for the rainforest reserve. Thank you Daniela and the volunteers for all your hard work!