Welcome to Wisdom Forest.

We are a diverse community living by Vedic principles within a unique hidden paradise in the Amazon Rainforest, with a shared vision of teaching our visitors and Ecuadorian neighbors about simple living, high thinking.

Would you like to help Mother Nature, experience the Ecuadorian rainforest and spend time relaxing in a natural paradise?

You have found the perfect place, come and learn how to live a natural life based on non-violence through our ecological and social projects.

o Reforesting the amazon jungle
o Volunteering
o Social Work and Activities with Local Communities and Schools
o University Of Ancient Wisdom
o Eco tourism and Yoga Lodge

If you decide to spend some time with us you will be able to participle in the following:

o Vedic philosophy and Meditation
o Inbound Yoga
o Adventures into the rainforest
o Eco Building
o Vegetarian Cuisine
o Workshops

Our Mission

Through our legally-recognized foundation named ‘El Bosque de la Sabiduria’ we desire to network communities throughout the Napo Province and Ecuador, raise awareness of environmental issues, teach alternative sustainable ways of living and create a better future for Ecuador and its people. We are also creating a large Rainforest reserve that will act as a haven for the wild animals and plants of the Amazon.

Our Five Basic Steps to Saving Rainforests

Teach others about the importance of the environment and how they can help save rainforests.
Restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land where forests have been cut down.
Encourage people to live in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment.
Establish beautiful reserves to protect the rainforest and wildlife.
Support companies that operate in ways that minimize damage to the environment.

Our Team

Ulrich Harlan (Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Swami)

The main inspiration behind Wisdom Forest is our beloved Bhakti teacher, Paramadvaiti Swami. He describes himself as a beggar of love for Mother Earth and is constantly promoting the importance of caring for her. Inspiring people to follow the steps towards universal love, he has now spent more than 40 years travelling the globe, literally dedicating his entire life to the preservation and widespread diffusion of the universal principles of Vedic wisdom and living in harmony with Mother Nature.

He is the founder of the Vrinda family, the Inbound School of Yoga, the University Of Ancestral Wisdom, The World Conscious Pact – Ikwashendwna, creator and manager of the House of Wisdom Foundation and the Spoon Revolution.

His everlasting energy and beautiful projects inspired us to create the Wisdom Forest project and to help protect the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. We are truly thankful for his amazing example and inspiration.

Benjamin Munro

Benjamin, more commonly known as Bhaga, started the volunteering program in 2010 after being inspired by community-living on another beautiful eco yoga farm situated near the city of Baños ‘“Vrindavan Jardínes Ecológicos”.
Bhaga was born in the UK, brought up in Cyprus and has been living in Ecuador for over 16 years. He left the UK at 18 years of age in search of a home in the rainforest, hitched hiked across the Atlantic on a yacht and spent 6 months exploring the Caribbean Antilles.
Venturing down to South America he ended up in the heart of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada on the Caribbean Coast. Whilst living in the forest he met an incredible Yogi who inspired him to inquire into the path of Bhakti Yoga. His desire to learn more about Vedic culture led Bhaga to move from the rainforest to a yoga monastery near Bogota. Here he met his spiritual master and was tasked with the service of looking after a rainforest Ashram in Ecuador.
After arriving to Tena, Bhaga started his own English school in the centre of the city to help finance Wisdom Forest and has since dedicated many years to develop all the different aspects of this wonderful eco project, based on principles of love, peace and service.
Bhaga is currently in the United Kingdom, networking with similar projects and currently answers emails and queries from our guests and volunteers as well as coordinating with the team from afar.

Ladi Tapuy
Reforestation Coordinator
Ladi Tapuy was born in the Tamia Yura community found on the outskirts of Tena.
She specializes in medicinal plants and handicrafts with local seeds. She has worked as a guide on the Ethno Agro-Ecological Farm in her community for over 10 years, developing reforestation projects with local flora, volunteers, writing manuals about Amazonian medicinal plants and teaching traditional Kichwa dance.
She currently works at Wisdom Forest as a reforestation coordinator, teaching indigenous workshops and sharing ancestral knowledge.

Guillermo Andy
Reforestation Coordinator

Guillermo Andy was born in the Shandia community in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and now aged 57 years has a lifetime of experience as a reforestation specialist handling native plants and protecting wildlife. He discovered his interest in protecting the environment when working in a tourism community around the Amazon forest. This interest was intensified by being named Forest Keeper of the “Llanganates National Park”.
He is currently the coordinator of the reforestation project for the Wisdom Forest Foundation with an aspiration to plant 400,000 trees to help his community.

Krishna Govinda Das
Project Manager & Maintenance Supervisor

Born in Peru, Mauricio, also known as Krishna Govinda Das, came to the Wisdom Forest community in 2018, keen to support all of the projects related to the protection of Mother Earth.

Whilst volunteering in other eco villages he learnt many skills such as eco building, volunteer management, organic farming, and many more. He is now expanding his knowledge by learning new skills from the local Kichwa communities who work with and around Wisdom Forest, gaining more vital experience and sharing his simple natural approach to life with the people he meets.

Mauricio is the current project manager and coordinates the eco-building and general maintenance.

Carlos Andrés Rodriguez
Eco Yoga Lodge Coordinator

Born in Colombia, and with many years of experience working in resource and general management, Carlos, also known as Calandrito, was inspired by the Wisdom Forest project and currently wishes to share his motivation and knowledge.
Looking for happiness by sharing with others, he arrived as a volunteer to serve the community. With his joy and loving heart, he has now taken on the responsibility of the Eco Yoga Lodge coordinator.
Always wishing to give the best to his hosts, we count with Calandrito´s smile and will to help as part of our team.

Manasa Ganga Seva DD
Volunteer Coordinator
Our French team member, Ella Boubaker, also known as Manasa Ganga Seva DD, came to South America with the idea of discovering a natural way of living, after realizing that her life and 9-5 job in France did not satisfy her soul.

She found the answers she had been looking for thanks to the unforgettable experience she had in Eco Truly Park, an ecological community in Perú, where she developed a number of her skills. She studied within the Inbound School of Yoga in Lima and obtained her 200 hour diploma as a Yoga Inbound Instructor and began teaching under the guidance of her Iyengar yoga teacher, Christine D. from France.

Wishing to become part of the Wisdom Forest team and enchanted by the Ecuadorian rainforest, she is currently the Volunteer Coordinator and Yoga Teacher.

Kedarnath Das
Kitchen area coordinator
Born in Mexico and with over ten 10 years of experience as a chef working in numerous vegetarian restaurants, Kedarnath is currently responsible for our kitchen area in Wisdom Forest.

Against animal abuse since he was young, he decided to research into healthy way of cooking and, above all, to promote the principle of non-violence, Ahimsa. He became an activist of the Spoon Revolution desiring to spread the word of an alternative diet that excludes the consumption of food that generates violence.

In his free time, Kedarnath is dedicated to conscious music, making his own transcendental vibrations.

Devi Devi Dasi
Conscious Art Coordinator
Born in Peru, María Ames, also known as Devi Devi Dasi, came to share her experience as an artist specializing in handicrafts through teaching ancestral art in organized workshops.

After her experience in the ecological community of Eco Truly Park, Perú, she decided to dedicate her energy and knowledge to transmit all of the ancestral art techniques she had acquired throughout her life and travels.

Her handcraft project called “Weaver of consciousness” or “Tejedoras de Conciencia”, has the goal of sharing the sacred techniques and teaching women of local communities how to maintain their knowledge through the University of Ancient Wisdom.