What you need to know

If our volunteering program sounds interesting and you would like to volunteer with us, then we’d love to have you! Here is some more information about volunteering at the reserve….


Here you can find information about the cost of donations that help maintain the volunteering program:
$15 per day for stays up to 14 days.
$12 per day for stays of 15 days – 1 month.
$10 per day for stays of 1 month – 2 months.

Donations should be paid in advance on arrival so we can guarantee a better attention.

Become a member of Wisdom Forest’s staff

After two months in the volunteer program, if you feel the desire to continue working with us, we give you the option to join our team as a permanent member and live at the reserve without paying donations, taking on responsibilities for the different projects.

What do you need to bring?

The most important thing is a big smile and good will!
• A light pair of trousers and long sleeved shirts (mosquitos)
• a torch/flashlight
• a rain jacket
• personal toiletries and towel
• snacks for between meals (nuts are a good choice)
• flip flops will also come in handy.

What you should not bring?

• Any meat, fish or eggs or products containing them
• Yogurt containing gelatin
• Products with Rojo Carmin colouring (derived from insect blood)
• Coca Cola and Nestle Products are also best avoided
• Any type of drugs (including alcohol and tobacco).

In Vedic culture the non-violence principle (to oneself, others and the environment), also called Ahimsa, is the most important one. For this reason, we kindly ask you to respect the traditions of our community and live the experience and life to the fullest!


If you have any skills or knowledge that you would like to share with the community, please let us know on arrival. We are a community of people who love to share and learn so please do let us know if you would like to run a workshop.

We offer the following workshops within the disponibilities:

• Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine
• Homemade chocolate (from bean to bar!)
• Bread and Pastry Making
• Medicinal plants from the Amazon
• Ancestral art (weaving, designs, jewelry, and more)
• Vedic philosophy
• Languages (Spanish or English)
• Music
• Dance
• Eco building

Daily tasks

A large majority of the tasks we do are of physical nature due to the demands of tropical permaculture in the Amazon rainforest. However, there are also less physical tasks to do with the smaller medicinal herbs, cooking, cleaning, arts and crafts, social work etc. For those working outside, we provide rubber boots and have spare clothes for people to work in during the day.
We have a set schedule of weekly activities, if you would like to change activity or dedicate your time to one especially please let us know.