Yoga Lodge


The Yoga Lodge is a unique space where you can find inner peace, enjoy nature and help save trees at the same time. Come and stay in our stunning rainforest home and experience the beauty of nature every day. Join us for yoga, participate in our afternoon workshops and your donations will help fund the Permaculture Rainforest Reserve. 50% of the Yoga House profits go directly to purchasing land for the reserve, meaning that you save 4 giant trees every night you stay. That´s one tree saved in the morning, one in the afternoon and two while you sleep!

Our Yoga Lodge


With an amazing view overlooking the forest and its unique architecture, you will surely enjoy your stay. The house is built from mainly natural, locally sourced materials, with ecological composting toilets and breathable earth-plastered walls.

On the top floor is our yoga shala, where you can join our wonderful morning yoga class above the trees, participate in mantra meditation at sunrise and sunset or learn about simple living and high thinking through Vedic teachings.

We offer delicious, healthy meals, with a large majority of the ingredients being freshly harvested from our own permaculture garden. There is also the possibility to cook wholesome vegetarian food yourself in our spacious green kitchen, the perfect place to follow your own personal diet.

The Yoga Lodge is where you can clear your mind, relax, and find contentment with the inner satisfaction of knowing you are helping save the Amazon rainforest with every day you stay!

What to do?


Our lodge is a Wi-Fi-free zone for complete peace of mind, body and spirit. We have instruments and a great little library to share with you. If you’re feeling adventurous we offer incredible tours packed with waterfalls, rafting, nature walks and sweat lodge ceremonies!

Come check out our permaculture garden and learn how to harvest tropical plants and fruits or join our volunteers in afternoon workshops ranging from chocolate making to acroyoga!

Even though we are surrounded by nature, the lodge is situated a practical 100metres from the bus stop where you can jump on the local bus to the Amazon town of Tena or other local communities.


Prices including breakfast:$30.00

Stay Cost Trees Saved
1 Night $20 3